League Lesson: Psychology of the Game – Part Three

I left off in my last League Lesson talking about the importance of team motivation. It’s important to be motivated as a team, otherwise winning is out of the picture, but a team is made up of individuals so it’s important to learn how to become motivated. In this post I’m going to talk about ways to keep yourself motivated during a game, and some steps to take when having a bad game.

To start off we should explore what makes us unmotivated.

Lack of Confidence: When we fail, we tend to dwell on our failures and lose confidence in ourselves. This in turn causes a loss in motivation. In LoL this happens usually when either on a losing streak or a death streak. It also doesn’t help when someone points out your failures to you, because that solidifies your failures. I know that I personally start to give up whenever I have died several times. I begin to call myself a feeder and a team dead-weight, and then I don’t have any will to even play anymore. [1]

A way to boost your confidence is to realize that it isn’t as bad as it seems! Even if you’re on a losing streak, or death streak, just think about how next time you will succeed. What made that last engagement bad? Was it you, or was it factors outside of your control? Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize that you did everything right that time, and it’s your teammates that need to improve.

It may sound bad, but you have to not care. Now I’m not saying don’t care about the game, otherwise you wouldn’t have any motivation, but you need to not care about your past failures. Learn from them, and make them make you stronger! Also turn your weakness into a strength. Is the enemy pushing up really far because you can’t engage them? Then call for the jungler to gank them! Your tower taken in the first 10 minutes? Don’t worry! They will either overextend and become gankable, or you get an even longer lane to farm in! I have watched pro players begin losing their lanes, and then come back and win the game because they become so farmed.

Also realize that the other team is made up of people too. They make mistakes, and they are prone to making emotional decisions that will help you win! Biggest thing I see is overconfidence. The other team will have a huge advantage on kills or towers, but they won’t take advantage of it because they’re confident they can beat you anytime. Meanwhile you have your carries farming wave after wave of minions and getting their full builds. Enemy team then engages you in your base and gets wrecked because they underestimated you! This has happened several times to me, I will do bad early game, the enemy ignores me, and then I come back and make them regret it!

As Josh says “Never give up, never surrender!”

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